King’s Valley (enhanced)

King’s Valley is a platform game developed and published by Konami in 1985.

It is one of the most memorable games we played during our childhood on the MSX system. With great joy and pleasure we upgraded the sound in the original game but still running on the technology of that time. We like to thank Manuel Pazos and Nestor Sancho for their work and help.

This project started out as a simple proof-of-concept for our new sample replayer to demonstrate the practical implementation of PSG samples in a real game.

The replayer is able to play two types of samples simultaneously and are mixed in realtime.

  • sequential encoding (music, best sound quality, 2 bytes/sample)
  • lookup encoding (sound effects, minor sound quality, 1 byte/sample)

System requirements: MSX1 16KB RAM

Video1 Video2

Download 1 (initial version)

Download 2 (featuring Bart Roijmans)