unknown reality

Released in Tilburg 1994.

Unknown Reality is NOP’s first mega demo. All music was done by Compjoetania. Unknown Reality requires an MSX2 with at least 256kB memory. Several parts of the demo require an MSX-Audio compatible cartridge with 256kB sample memory. Unknown Reality may be installed on a harddisk. This 2.0 version had some memory fixes and disables the R800 mode of the Turbo-R.

WebMSX only plays the first two disks, no good. You fix.


Download disk 1 disk 2 disk 3


The critics are saying:

“.. That section of the demo does a horizontal split (!) between the scrolling text and the scope. So it is quite timing-sensitive. I assume it synchronises on the hblank status register bit, sets the vertical scroll register, then fetches the next entry in the lookup table and while waiting X number of CPU cycles before changing the vertical scroll register again halfway the screen, and repeats.” – Grauw 2015

“So far I only had problems with UR With 4MB”. – MSD 2017

“I actually had to withhold myself from pressing ESC a few times to skip parts.” – バイファイの局 2012

“Never is too much of watching it years later…. ” – Alexandre 2017

“Great! As a test do the following:
It will boot into DOS2 from the GR8cloud
cd demos
cd ur
basic autoexec.bas” – Eugeny 2019

con sonido

Unknown Reality es una impresionante demo gráfico-sonora obra de los holandeses NOP en 1994 y que ocupa ¡3 discos! o lo que es lo mismo 3,3 megas y 39 minutos… La música ha sido compuesta por Compjoetania y es una maravilla para los oídos. Claro que los efectos gráficos son para quedarse con la boca abierta. Sinceramente una de las mejores demos.

Es necesario tener 256kB de RAM mínimos para poder disfrutar de la música y los gráficos. En caso contrario solamente se oirán las músicas. El tercer disco incluye dos directorios «ocultos» (visibles solamente bajo DOS2), que contienen las melodías en formato HCH/MBK y una sample extra.