Unreleased production (2021)

We are working on a new game. Due to the disk space used, it will only run from harddisk/flash card. The game will provided free of charge.

Minimum requirements:

MSX2, 512KB memory*, DOS2.xx & HDD , OPL4 with 512KB

If you want to support the development, please join our Financial Team by donating to our paypal account:

  • You will be mentioned in the game credits
  • You will get early access to the game (if possible)

We will not release any information on other game details until completion.

Ok, a little information:

Build: 9465
Date: Sat Jun 5 03:09:32 PM CEST 2021
p_codeStart: equ 100H
p_codeEnd: equ 363FH
p_subCodeStart: equ 100H
p_subCodeEnd: equ 27FEH
p_dataStart: equ 363FH
p_dataEnd: equ 41D9H
q_interruptTable: equ 0C000H
p_ramCodeHighStart: equ 0C102H
p_ramCodeHighEnd: equ 0C146H
q_interruptAddress: equ 0C1C1H
p_codeHighStart: equ 0C1C4H
p_codeHighEnd: equ 0C46CH
p_ramStart: equ 0C500H
p_ramEnd: equ 0CE0BH
Number of objects: 4676
Executable file size: 17411
Data file size: 22003460
0 minutes and 29 seconds elapsed.

*) 512KB in a single mapper, R800-RAM requires 512KB internal memory.